MangaKakalot is one of the most popular websites in the world! About 47 million visitors per month, more than 35 000 mangas, the site is updated every hour. The perfect website? Let's see it!


Mangakomi, I don't know exactly how I came across this website, it doesn't seem to be very well known with about 600 000 visitors per month. In spite of this lack of popularity, the site has some qualities.


Readm! A name that doesn't necessarily speak for itself but hides one of my favourite websites. Far from being among the most popular (5 million visitors per month, far from a mangakakalot and its 47 million) but with a lot of qualities!

Mangazone is the best list of online manga reading websites!

Mangazone is the result of hours and hours of scan reading on the net. It's a list of sites offering to read manga online for free. The site is ad-free, all that matters is our passion: manga.

Why did I create Mangazone?

I created Mangazone to share the best online manga reading sites for everyone to enjoy. Like many, I searched for hours for sites with the manga I wanted to read. Often, you find a cool site and start reading Tokyo Revengers... there's no Blue Lock, no One Punch Man. Or worse, the last 4 scans are missing... frustration. So I found some sites, with a large list of mangas.

How do I contact you if I have a question?

If you think a site you use deserves to be listed here, you can contact me!
Here are some tips for webmasters to improve their scantrad sites.

1. Keep the number of ads to a minimum. Focus on the user experience rather than the money to be made, you probably prefer visitors to come back to your site.
2. Optimise your site for computers as well as mobiles and make it unique. Learn from your competitors, look at the most popular sites and analyse what you are missing.
3. Content is key. If you want to join the top manga sites, you need to be on their level. Be up to date.

P.S. I don't own any of the sites featured on Mangazone, and I am not responsible for the content published on their pages. I only CRITICATE the sites! Please contact the owners of these sites if any of their content infringes your copyright.